Wooden paper for smoking - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Wooden paper for smoking

Wooden paper for smoking

Деревянная бумага для копчения производства Сады Алтая

A wooden paper for smoking (grill paper) is a thin sheet of wood intended for cooking in an oven, a double boiler, a microwave oven, a barbecue, a grill and a grill.

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Recently, the process of cooking at home provides a wide range of dishes and methods. Grill paper is a godsend for mistresses who want to surprise their guests with smoked meats. The oven is in every house, which means that everyone can try to make smoked poultry, fish or meat.

Grilling paper for smoking is not enough widespread solution, the leader is still chips. However, given the availability and ease of use, wooden paper can fall in love with even experienced smokers.

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