Wood Chips "Brand Sady Altaya" - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Wood Chips "Brand Sady Altaya"

Chips "Firm Gardens of Altai"

Щепа фирменная Сады алтая

The unique technology of finishing the natural beech chips has been developed by the specialists of the company and leading scientists of Siberia and Switzerland, corresponds to the best imported samples, provides excellent color, shortens the smoking time in comparison with regular natural chips.
Chips "Firm Gardens of Altai" from beech - an analogue of the German manufacturer (Schaller, Rayhergold) was tested, passed the test in food production.

The used production technologies, high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials, as well as control at all stages of production guarantee an unsurpassed quality of wood chips.


    From Barnaul from 300 kg - for free.
For the region from 1000 kg - for free.

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