Packaged wood chips | Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Packaged wood chips

Packaged chips for smoking

The company "Gardens of Altai Agro" has the honor to offer you a packed wood chips of beech, oak, alder, apple, pear, apricot, karagach, bird cherry, willow, sea buckthorn, cherry, aspen, juniper, etc.
The technology of our chips production makes it competitive with the best foreign manufacturers of natural materials for smoking.
Our chips are ideal for smoking, barbecue and made of natural wood, growing in ecologically clean areas of Altai.

If you are selling or just going to sell chips for smoking at retail, then our option of packaged chips for smoking, a good solution for you. Also, at your request, we are ready to pack the chips of the desired breed in your branded packaging.
Wood chips moisture: no more than 10% (guaranteed safety).

We can buy chips at retail, but we need to inform the manager about this. Order the call, we will call back and discuss the terms of delivery. Most likely, we'll send you the chips with Russian Post, or another service. If you are an experienced person in smoking, we are sure you will appreciate our chips.

From Barnaul from 300 kg - free of charge.
In the region from 1000 kg - for free.
Delivery to Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. You can negotiate the terms of delivery by phone: +7923-161-00-18 or by email: