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Which Type of Wood Should You Use for Smoking

We use more than 20 types of trees and shrubs for the production of the whole range of chips for smoking. Each experienced smoker can choose for himself a separate kind of chips or a mixture of two or more species.

For beginners, we offer a description of the main types of wood used in smoking.

Apricot. Great for smoking pork. Apricot chips give the product a special delicate flavor with almond aftertaste.

Beech. A classic kind of chips for smoking. Used for almost all products for a long time. Beech is the main kind of wood chips for both industrial and amateur smoked products - hams, brisket, sausages, cheese and others. Why such preferences developed? It is for certain unknown. Most likely, it was historically formed as a result of the mass distribution of beech in Europe, as well as its excellent results for smoking. Beech chips improve taste and give the products a pleasant looking red, dark red shade. Well, a pronounced smell of smoked meat.

Vetla. Chips of vetla are suitable for fish, meat, poultry, cheese. Also used in conjunction with alder, cherry and apple.

Cherry. Cherry chips are used for cooking meat, poultry and cheeses.

Pear. Pear chips are great for smoking meat, cheese, fish, poultry. Not muffling the taste of the product of smoking, pear chips give the finished product an aroma with a fruity hue of golden yellow color.

Oak. Oak chips are very popular with meat products. Oak can be recommended for smoking beef, wildfowl, pork ham, fat. Due to the high content of takidis, tannins, oak chips give the products a rich dark yellow color, a pleasant persistent aroma and a noble, slightly bitter taste.

Alder. Despite the fact that alder chips are considered universal, it is recommended for smoking fish. It gives the dishes a mild flavor, a tart aroma, a golden or dark yellow color. Undoubtedly alder chips will suit both for smoking cheese, and for meat.

Aspen. Chips from aspen are used in a mixture, for example, with alder. Use it to give the dishes a special taste and aroma. Aspen chips are also suitable for smoking meat products, seafood, poultry.

Plum. The plum chips are suitable for smoking any kind of meat - beef, pork, or venison, also for fish, poultry. It gives the product a barely perceptible, subtle flavor. The color of ready smoked products is from yellow to brown.

The bird cherry. Bird cherry chips are usually used for smoking lard.

Apple tree. Apple tree chips are universal. It is suitable for smoking fish, poultry, meat, cheeses, game and vegetables. Applewood chips give a thick, rich smoke that gives any dishes a delicate fruity aroma, unobtrusive and at the same time very bright taste. Gives a beautiful golden hue.

Chips "FIRM" GARDENS OF ALTAI ". This chips were  developed by our technologists. Exceeds the import analogues for a number of objective indicators. Its peculiarity is the use of its own technology of three-stage drying and preliminary heat treatment. As a result, the product is given a red-brown color with a cherry tint, a decrease in the temperature of the onset of active smoke evolution and a decrease in the release of high-temperature resins are achieved. It is known that the isolation of the most toxic components of smoke, which are usually ignored by the producers of chips - benzapyrene, polyaromatic compounds - occurs at high temperatures. Reducing the temperature of pyrolysis - leads to an increase in the utility of the product.

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