Chips for smoking wholesales - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Chips for smoking wholesales

Chips for smoking wholesale

Щепа оптом от производителя

Chips are offered for smoking in bulk as separately in types (more than 20 types of trees and shrubs - oak, alder, beech, apricot, plum, birch, cherry, bird cherry, karagach, willow, juniper, currant, grapes, pear, apple, cedar, maple , Sea buckthorn, walnut, aspen, cherry), and in mixes, including from 2 to 4 types of wood.
Your specialist can order an individual recipe, which we will produce strictly confidential, specifically for your production.
Various factions are produced.
The discreteness of the fraction is 1mm.
The moisture content of wood chips - from 7% to 20%, depending on the requirements of production.
Packing: propylene bag, polyethylene bag, paper three-layer bag.
The bag is labeled, contains a tab indicating the date of manufacture and the shift number. The weight of the package is 20 kg.
The cost of packing is included in the price of the goods.
Minimum order:

    On Barnaul-300 kg.
For the region - 1 000 kg.

Proximity of production and prompt delivery will allow you to avoid large investments and save on storage space.

    From Barnaul from 300 kg - for free.
For the region from 1000 kg - for free.

Delivery to Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. You can negotiate the terms of delivery by phone: +7-923-756-00-66 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our company is engaged in wholesale deliveries of wood chips in Russia and near abroad. The production of chips is large and often exceeds 100 tons per month. This shows that wholesale customers trust us and they recommend us to their colleagues. We are grateful to our customers for their trust.

Before the production of chips directly, we harvest wood in ecologically clean areas of Altai, clean the bark, dry the raw materials, and only after that we crush the chips. In our arsenal are more than 20 types of wood and shrubs. In warehouses, there are always the most popular types of chips of different factions. This is another plus why working with us is convenient. Wholesale shipments of chips are shipped fairly quickly. In any case, you can always discuss all the details with our manager.

Chips for smoking of production Gardens of Altai Agro meets the requirements of food industry safety. This is evidenced by certificates of conformity. All chips of chips we mark indicating the name of the chips, the date of production and the number of the shift.

Perhaps you are interested in the option of already packed chips in bulk. Buy chips already packed well and profitable, especially if you do not have your shop for packaging. All this we can do for you. Moreover, if you want to sell chips under your brand, then our offer is just for you. Discuss with the manager the nuances of packaging, fraction, types of chips and volumes. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.