Granules for smoking from LLC Gardens of Altai AGRO - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Granules for smoking from LLC Gardens of Altai AGRO

Гранулы для копчения от компании Сады Алтая

Wood pellets for smoking are a cylindrical pressed product with a diameter of 6 and 8 mm and a length of 5-30 mm, made of natural beech filings. Humidity is less than 10%.
Granules produced by LLC "Altai Agro Gardens" have certificates of the Altai Center for Standardization, quality certification, and product inspection certificates.

Traditionally, for smoking at home, either finished chips or raw materials are used. There is one more commercial kind, little familiar to most smokers - granules.

What are their advantages, which are useful to know and, if necessary, to use:

    There is no need to moisten before use, a dense structure ensures a reduction in the burning rate.
Bulk density is 2 times higher than that of conventional chips.
Provide an identical smoked result of smoking.

What does this mean?

    To reduce the burning rate and ensure the smoldering regime, the original chips are traditionally moistened. The degree of moistening and the method is chosen by each user himself, based on his own preferences and experience. At the same time, a simple fact of intensive drying of wood chips is lost from view when it is in the smoke generator. This process is especially important when using equipment with chip load for 6-8 hours of smoking. This leads to the inconstancy of the process of smoke formation during smoking. The granules obtained by the pressing method have a very dense structure that hinders combustion. Moreover, this structure is preserved throughout the entire smoking process, ensuring the stability of smoke formation parameters in time.
High bulk density of pellets for smoking allows to provide increased loading in the smoke generator and allows to increase the time of smoke formation from one load and to reduce the number of loads with prolonged smoking. This is perfectly natural, since "weight, not volume" burns. In some cases, this form of material makes it possible to simplify transportation by reducing the required volume with an equal weight of two times. For example, 1 liter of woodchips weighs approximately 280-300 grams, granules - 560-600.
For the manufacture of granules by pressing, fine fractions are used, which are formed during the manufacture of chips (in the sifting stage). This material allows you to obtain strong granules without the use of any binders. Therefore, the resulting smoke is identical to that obtained by using traditional chips for smoking.

Facts about pellets for smoking.

    Granules are made of natural beech sawdust;
In terms of their heat transfer, granules exceed coal, which, when burned, releases 5 kWh per 1 kg;
Economy of this type of fuel - when burning 1 ton of granules, heat energy is released as when burning 1600 kg of wood or 475 m3 of gas;
Porous structure of granules will allow safe and long-term storage, in contrast to flammable diesel and gas.
Wood pellets have no odor, in contrast to the same gas and diesel fuel. Granules do not absorb moisture from the air, and remain suitable for use for a long period;
Granules are convenient when used in both simple smoke generators and mobile smokehouses. In operation pellets are much more practical than gas and diesel, as there is no constant need to remove soot. And the feeling of burning granules is more pleasant than burning gas or diesel fuel;
The granules are packed in bags of 20 kg, which makes it easy to store them. Granules have a high density, take up little space and are easy to transport.

Buy our pellets for smoking and be glad by results of smoking.