Decorative chips in landscape design - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Decorative chips in landscape design

Декоративная щепа для ландшафтного дизайнаDecorative chips - environmentally friendly material from natural hardwood wood. It is wood from different types of trees.
Decorative chips are produced in two stages:
• first remove the bark (ocarivating),
• Then the wood is crushed.
Then the chips are cleaned of small fractions by sieving. At the output, we get purified homogenized raw materials - this is a completely safe and environmentally friendly product.

Decorative chips have two important qualities - aesthetics and high utility for the soil. Using multi-colored chips, you can quickly and easily delineate the site to different zones or simply decorate your site with colorful flower beds. Chips are not just material that will decorate your dacha site, it also has a number of important properties:
• Soil protection and moisture retention. You do not need to constantly water the plants, the chips keep moisture well. In the autumn decorative chips protect the earth from wind and rain, and in winter plants, especially their root system from freezing;
• Obstruction of weed growth. It is enough to put a layer of decorative chips in 5 cm and weeds will not be able to break through such protection;
• Decorative chips in conjunction with mulch create ideal conditions for airflow.
Chips are completely natural product, safe for plants and humans. Enriches the earth with minerals and nutrients. You decide how your site will look. And colored chips are your tool in the design of the site. Multicolored waves or crop circles - it's up to you.
The chips are universal. It is enough to update the chip layer once in several years, and it will look like a new one.
Buy chips for landscape design.