Features of wood flour - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Features of wood flour

Древесная мукаWood flour - shredded wood of various shapes, less than 1.2 mm in size, obtained by processing wood. In the production of wood flour use waste wood processing: chips, sawdust, shavings. The color of wood flour is determined by the degree of sifting and the wood species. Wood flour is a natural product, as it is not subjected to chemical treatment during the manufacturing process.
The production of wood flour occurs in the process of crushing the particles in a mill, where the wood is impacted by impact, squeezing and displacement.

Natural wood products together with modern technologies in the chemical industry make it possible to create a functional and environmentally friendly product. The use of wood flour is very extensive. This includes not only industrial production, but also the food industry.
The main advantage of wood flour is its high bulk density (from 130 to 200 kg / m3), which allows using less material with the same volume of production. This significantly reduces production costs!
Wood flour is an effective sorbent material. However, in the process of hydrophobization, wood meal becomes resistant to water absorption, which significantly expands its use.
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