Plant Growth Stimulant - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Plant Growth Stimulant

stimulinWe are glad to introduce you an organic plant growth stimulant. A rational solution is always to expand the ways of processing already used raw materials for the production of some additional product. Especially when waste is used, and the product itself has useful properties and has commercial value.
We managed to develop a technology for isolating a mixture of substances that have antifungal and growth-stimulating properties from the waste of processing one of the types of wood used to make chips. This mixture is the basis for the production of a preparation for processing a number of crops.
The team of associates makes research in the field of production technology of the substance, the composition of the formulation, the norms and methods of use in various industrially significant crops for several years.

As a result, it was possible to create a technology for the production of the final drug with a cost that represents the possibility of its wide application with the obtaining of a positive economic effect in the consumer.
Under testing conditions in 2016, the following results were achieved in the Altai Territory:
"The combination of seed treatments and vegetative plants with the drug provides for an increase in the yield of wheat in wheat to 0.21 t / ha (16.0%), barley to 0.32 t / ha (18.4%), soybeans to 0.43-0.56 t / ha (26.9-35.0%), on buckwheat - up to 0.23-0.48 t / ha (8.5-17.6%). "
At trials in the previous periods the decrease in distribution and degree of development of fungal lesions of cultures is noted. ">More information about the Stimulin plant growth stimulator can be found at
It should be noted that the drug has a wider perspective. The main obstacle to expanding the application is the high cost.
Reducing the cost to the level of achieving profitability in agricultural production makes the product available for a number of other applications:

  • Cosmetics,
  • Production of food products,
  • Means of hygiene, etc.


Read the report on approbation of the growth stimulator in the Altai Territory - Report for LLC Altai Agro Gardens for 2016

Read the report on the approbation of the growth stimulator in Kazakhstan - Report on Plant Growth Regulators Kazakhstan, 2016

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