Articles - Производство и реализация щепы для копчения

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Plant Growth Stimulant

stimulinWe are glad to introduce you an organic plant growth stimulant. A rational solution is always to expand the ways of processing already used raw materials for the production of some additional product. Especially when waste is used, and the product itself has useful properties and has commercial value.
We managed to develop a technology for isolating a mixture of substances that have antifungal and growth-stimulating properties from the waste of processing one of the types of wood used to make chips. This mixture is the basis for the production of a preparation for processing a number of crops.
The team of associates makes research in the field of production technology of the substance, the composition of the formulation, the norms and methods of use in various industrially significant crops for several years.

Features of wood flour

Древесная мукаWood flour - shredded wood of various shapes, less than 1.2 mm in size, obtained by processing wood. In the production of wood flour use waste wood processing: chips, sawdust, shavings. The color of wood flour is determined by the degree of sifting and the wood species. Wood flour is a natural product, as it is not subjected to chemical treatment during the manufacturing process.
The production of wood flour occurs in the process of crushing the particles in a mill, where the wood is impacted by impact, squeezing and displacement.

Decorative chips in landscape design

Декоративная щепа для ландшафтного дизайнаDecorative chips - environmentally friendly material from natural hardwood wood. It is wood from different types of trees.
Decorative chips are produced in two stages:
• first remove the bark (ocarivating),
• Then the wood is crushed.
Then the chips are cleaned of small fractions by sieving. At the output, we get purified homogenized raw materials - this is a completely safe and environmentally friendly product.

Granules for smoking from LLC Gardens of Altai AGRO

Гранулы для копчения от компании Сады Алтая

Wood pellets for smoking are a cylindrical pressed product with a diameter of 6 and 8 mm and a length of 5-30 mm, made of natural beech filings. Humidity is less than 10%.
Granules produced by LLC "Altai Agro Gardens" have certificates of the Altai Center for Standardization, quality certification, and product inspection certificates.